Skillz-Logical Brain

Skillz-Logical Brain | Educational App | Android Games

Skillz-Logical Brain

Skillz-Logical Brain is a wonderful app for the brain. This app is full of fun filled memory game to improve your memory. It helps in improving the speed, accuracy, distinguish between colours and much more will happen. The app is full of fun and has fun logical games. Very helpful for the brain.

The brain game helps your kids and also elders to learn, to distinguish between different colours and improve their skills and the memory. One can sharpen their minds just by playing this game. Many people have gained benefits from the game.

The app is very useful for every age group. It helps in improving the brain quality and the
✓Improve your memory
✓Train your reflexes
✓Increase your accuracy
✓Prove your touch ability
✓Increase your speed
✓Learn color coordination

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