10 Best Android Applications of Games | Best Android Apps

Gaming on mobile has become one of the most popular and important technologies that are being improved at a far greater rate. Android games seem to hit new heights, they are developed every year with latest features. The android games stand to get better and better over time. You can find exciting Android games here on Mobile Application Bangalore. All the games are interesting and enthusiastic. We have listed 10 best Android applications of games available right now!

List of 10 best android applications of Games

1. Tiny Archers

It is the latest Android Action Game Application which is very interesting. The game is all about bows and arrows. The game has unique and fantastic characters which will keep you engaged. You will have to unlock magic arrows and you will find the surprising features and strength can be attained. To survive, use your archery skills and combat the war! This can be played by everybody and enjoy the fun and the fight.

2. Skillz-Logical Brain

Skill logical brain is Educational Android Games app wonderful app for the brain. The app has memory game to improve your kids’ memory. It helps in improving the speed, accuracy of thinking. It helps in distinguishing between colours and much more will happen. You can enjoy playing with this app as it has surprises fun and many more. Very helpful for the brain in boosting the memory.

3. Forge of Empires

The Forge of Empires App is one of the very interesting Strategic Android game apps. The game is very interesting to play for all the age groups. The Forge of Empires game is to capture and attain control over a city. And defeat the enemies strategically. And become an emperor of an empire. The new technologies are adapted to do research, live through an epic. The battle is necessary for the survival. The battle with the other players and prove your skills as king. You will get new weapons to fight and win.

4. Mind Games App

Mind Games App is Puzzle Game App for Android. It is a lovely collection of brain developmental games hence it helps in improving memory. It also helps in analyzing skills, etc.  Then, it helps you in practicing different mental skills. It has more than 3 dozen of Mindware’s games that train the brain.  All the games show the score history and graph of the players progress. The games list shows a gist of your best games and your scores. You will enjoy every game in it.

5. Memory Games-Brain Training Android App

Memory Games-Brain Training is an Educational Android App. game for kids and also for elders. It is a great exercise to the brain. They are ultimate logic games which will train you in thinking analyzing and responding. At the same time helps in improving the memory. All the stages in the game are fun-filled and exciting.

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