Tide - Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

Tide - Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

Tide – Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

Tide is an app focusing on sleep, meditation, relax and focus. Inspired by the great nature and meditation, we have been trying to build a mental and physical health platform, full of sounds from nature and guided meditation practices. Help you get rid of the trivial routines to a peaceful and tranquil space, where you can reduce pressure, keep focus and clam, practice meditation, and have a better sleep.

– Anyone who suffers from sleep problems.
– Procrastinators that have difficulties keeping focused.
– Creative workers that frequently disturbed by a noisy environment.
– The high-stressed population that had been in anxiety for a long time.
– Meditation practitioners who want peacefulness of body and mind.
– Anyone who wants to live a better life.

1. Nature Sounds — Be calm and mindful with nature
– Well-selected sounds of nature, bring you to various time and spaces.
– Innovative music fusion function, enjoying your favorite music in nature.
– Focus, sleep, relax and meditation, huge sounds collection for these needs.

2. Sleep and Nap — Fall asleep with the sounds of nature
– Numbers of sleeping nature sounds, have a sweet dream with Tide.
– Sleep and Nap modes, recover nap in daytime, good sleep at night.
– Soothing light-waking up function, leaving the bed has never been that easy.
– Selected comfort alarm tunes, open the eyes in a wonderful world.

Tide - Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate
Tide – Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

3. Focus timer — Start an immersive concentration
– High-efficiency work mode. Based on the Pomodoro Technique, 25 minutes focusing, 5 minutes quick break.
– Report of focus history. Review your performance.
– Customer timer. Set timers for different situations.
– Immersive mode supported. Leaving the app will interrupt the on-going focus.

4. Relax Meditation — A pause button for your brain
– Mini Meditation, take a break, anytime and anywhere.
– Themed Mediation, targeting various life scenes, simple and effective.
– Immersive Space, complete and intact, a calm and stable world.

5. Daily Inspiring Quotes — Minimalist and calm trips for mind and body
– Well-selected daily quotes, for everyone who carefully lives the life.
– Daily quotes diary, check the previous quotes and pictures.
– Greetings that change with flying time, always waiting for you in Tide.


6. Tide Daily — Record every tranquil moment of yours
– Every beautiful moment here is recorded by visible data report.
– Fine sharing card makes a peaceful journey emerged.

7. Minimalist Design — Pursuit of less is more
– Minimalist interface designing.
– Emotional visual effects.
– Localized typesetting for different typefaces.



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