Soldier Reborn

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Soldier Reborn App:

Soldier Reborn Android App combines the adrenaline of platform-style android games with the action of 2d shooters. It is a simple Android game and best game app about shot and running game.

You only can break down the opposing army? Come with the metal squad and get control of your commando, to win the fight in the game! The lurking danger, the grave machine…

Each screen is a difficult game that requires you to really creative and brave.

How to play this Soldier Reborn App:

Use the d-pad to manage metal shooter. Jump to pass up obstacles. For all time keep the Shoot button.

Easy Features:

  • A game with pixel realistic – real retro graphics and smart in gameplay
  • The game plays level, rich sound…
  • Lots of enemies to fight (trooper, soldiers, army, tank, plane, boss …)
  • The game plays retro and wonderful.
  • An easy joystick which can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Best gunfire game
  • Well-suited with all android strategy

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