Simple Speed Dating

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Simple Speed Dating

Simple Speed Dating is a lovely dating app for android. It changes your life with just a tab on the mobile screen. Meeting your life partner in a better way. You will find numerous profiles that you can go through and select the apt one. You can always chat, call to know each other. Then, You will get the latest updates on a new profile.

There will be a live mapping system! From anywhere you can find anyone in your area with the app and be able to connect.

1. Download the app and register.
2. The unique feature is the app is that it alerts you to anyone within 50 meters with the app.
You can choose whether he/she wants to get to know you either as a crush.
3. You will even get their phone number and facebook name.

Download this exciting latest android applications – Simple Speed Dating Android App to get started. You will certainly find one at the earliest.

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