Post Maker

Post Maker – Fancy Text Art App Free Download 2018

Post Maker – Fancy Text Art

Post Maker makes your Post, Message smart and inspiring on Photo.

Poster Maker App uses amazing backgrounds and puts your opinion on it.

Put in a text to your photos or select one of the many accessible colored, backgrounds, color photo backgrounds.

The app allows you to add incredible text effects, fast and simple, and share your work on your preferred social app.

Post Maker wonderful poster creator makes your photographs look very special and good-looking by not just adding text but you can modify text also.

Post Maker Features:

  • Multi-languages supported.
  • Multi-color for content and backgrounds.
  • Design Posters with/without a background photo.
  • Over massive collection of backgrounds, templates.
  • Custom art: You can make use of any Image from your gallery.
  • Special text fonts as well as calligraphic fonts.
  • Image Cropping capability, simply Adjust Text on Photo.
  • Shade and rub of text and their color.
  • Adjust Line space and Letter space.
  • Sketch color for text accounting your choice.
  • Change Text Size, and color from the color library.

Post Maker Art Design your photo and covered major Area:

  • In the Academy, College, School or the job loss line on Photo.
  • Any place is good to suggest to friends these memes in funny situations.
  • Allows creating your own memes with photo gallery, or camera, laughing some fun.

How to use:

  1. Use the Edit Text box, Go into the text for send or poster.
  2. Select the Built-in Design that you like for background.
  3. Alter the color of the new drawing.
  4. Change text style the design by changing the font from those offered.
  5. Set a cool background
  6. Modify other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, and alignment and save. Ready

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