Logic Master 1-Mind Twist

Logic Master 1-Mind Twist | Interesting Puzzle Game App

Logic Master 1-Mind Twist

Logic Master 1-Mind Twist is one of the finest logic game apps with the most tricky questions that require creative thoughts. Games are brilliantly structured, creative aspect is wonderfully created. The game needs logic to solve the most unusual and tricky questions. The features of this puzzle game are mind-blowing. The game will test your ability to think of course outside the box.

The features of the game are:

Addictive gameplay to make your brain sharp
Multilanguage so need not worry
200+ puzzles in one single game
There is an achievement board
Cognitive Score Evaluation to help you in think
Hand drawn graphics are impressive
Music and sound effects are interesting

You are certain to enjoy this game of puzzles. You will enjoy every bit of it and keep your mind active. Here you can show all your logical skills

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