tiktok effects

tiktok effects

Glitch Video Editor Effect – MAGE – TikTok Effects

The coolest magic effects video editing app. Hype up your videos with superpowers effects, VHS vintage effects and glitch effects.

MAGE is the best video editor and movie editor to shoot a retro video. You can easily make videos for Youtube, Instagram and Musical.ly. Easy edit video with effects and filters to make pop video.

1. Superpower effects

Magic effects, smoke, sparkling, snow, hellfires, flames, rain, stars, explosion, clouds … add effects as much as you like, become superman.

2. Mix effects

Use great mix effect filters to create wonderful aesthetic videos. Glitch, vaporwave, VHS, retro, trippy, comic, game pixel style, dazzled, 2 mirror, mosaic, movie style, etc.


3. Share your ideas

You can easily share your magical videos on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Flipagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Funimate or Musical.ly. Just amaze your friends!



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