Event Planner

Event Planner (Party Planning) | Download the Latest Android App

Event Planner

Event Planner is one of the best Android event planner apps to plan your events accordingly. You can plan all kinds of events from weddings to kitty parties or any other event. Event Planner (Party Planning) may help you keep everything organised. It helps to manage the guest list with details. There is no chance of missing anything in the party.

It  has a set of tools to help you plan and organize :
–  guest list with invitations
–  shopping list
–  budget planner
–  todo list

You can split bigger events can be easily managed without tension.
You can easily swap between events and also copy guests list from one to another.
You will not forget any item while you enter it as it will highlight the task that you have not completed.

With Event Planner (Party Planning) you can organize multiple events at the same time it is a multitasking app and very interesting too.

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